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Seals & Embossers

Use your laser engraving equipment to make traditional seals and embossers
Revolutionary mechanism reduces the amount of effort needed to emboss paper by 30%!
Listed here are various component parts for production of (round) seals and 1x2" (rectangular) embossers.  Use your laser to engrave seals and embossers.  You'll engrave both the “male” die and the “female” counter into Delrin plastic.  After engraving the die and counter, the pair is mounted in the seal frame.  You will need to order engravable Delrin plastic and Adhesive Wafers separately.  If you wish to sell seals and embossers but do not have laser engraving equipment, we'll gladly provide made-to-order products at wholesale prices for you!  Contact us for details.

The following video provides an overview of the laser engraving process for seal dies and is provided courtesy of our friends at Engraving Concepts.

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Pocket Seals & Embossers
: From $21.00 to $26.00
Pocket Seals & Embossers
Use Your Engraving Equipment to Make Custom Seals!
Desk Seals & Embossers
: From $25.50 to $30.50
Desk Seals & Embossers
Use Your Engraving Equipment to Make Custom Seals!
Heavy Duty Long Reach Desk Seal
: $48.00
Heavy Duty Long Reach Desk Seal
Generates exceptional leverage when embossing.
Cast Desk Seals
: From $78.00 to $89.00
Cast Desk Seals
Elegant & Stylish!
Delrin Plastic
: $24.80
Delrin Plastic
For Laser Engraving Seal Dies & Counters
Adhesive Wafers
: From $0.87 to $1.00
Adhesive Wafers
Double-Stick Wafers for Seal/Embosser Assembly
Gold Foil Labels
: $6.00
Gold Foil Labels
Gold Serrated Disks for a Touch of Class!
Seal Inkers / Seal Kissers
: From $15.40 to $17.60
Seal Inkers / Seal Kissers
For darkening an embossed seal impression.
Seal & Embosser Brochures
: $0.00
Seal & Embosser Brochures
FREE Assistance for Selling Seals & Embossers!