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Laser Engravable Rubber - Mega Thick!

: $32.50
Item Number: LR-MT

Quantity Discounts - Order a quantity of this item to receive the lower price

2 to 4$28.92
5 to 24$27.30
25 to 49$25.35
50 to 99$22.75
100 to 1000$20.80
This gray pre-vulcanized Laser Rubber is approximately .200” or 3/16” thick (5mm).  A4 sheet size (about 8¼” x 11¾”).  Clean burning leaving a white ash residue. In production it has a very low odor.  Can be "double engraved" for super deep etch (up to .150" or 4mm) making it very popular for stamps that will be used on uneven surfaces like corrugated cardboard or paper bags.  Can be used with Professional 5212 Self-Inker for large image stamping.
Must be washed with detergent and water after engraving.  Confirm that your laser equipment is suitable for engraving stamp dies. Check with your laser equipment manufacturer to determine compatability of equipment and software.

The settings below are a good starting point as you begin test engraving this material.  Use your laser’s software settings for “stamp” mode or “3D effects” mode.  Adjust speed and power settings as needed.  Use your machine’s air assist mode while engraving.  Observe the following precautions:

•  Laser engraving or cutting rubber can possibly ignite the material.  Never leave the laser system running unattended for any reason.
•  Laser engraving or cutting rubber can produce foul odors.  You may need to particulate filter or odor filter your exhaust depending on your environment, installation location and local air quality control regulations.
•  Laser engraving or cutting rubber can produce abrasive dust and smoke.  You will need to clean your laser more frequently to reduce wear and tear and keep the optics clear.
•  Laser Rubber can be engraved on either side.
•  When vector cutting this material be sure to use a vented cutting table.  Without a cutting table the likelihood of flame increases.
•  After engraving, wash the material with detergent and water.  Then rinse and towel dry.

Suggested Laser Rubber Engraving Parameters

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