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Sure-Temp Presses

: From $4,260.00 to $11,970.00

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Sure-Temp Press:

Jackson Sure-Temp Presses have become the vulcanizer of choice among producers of pre-inked stamps worldwide. They are also very popular for laboratory and industrial applications where critical temperature control is essential.

The temperature of each platen is controlled by an individual electronic temperature control unit. These units are actually miniature computers that anticipate the need for heat and switch power to the platens accordingly. The units sense platen heat in different locations, averaging the readings and then determining whether more or less power is required to keep the platen within the temperature range needed for pre-inked stamp molding and other industrial applications. A large LED display on each unit shows actual platen temperature.

Platen construction combines thick plate aluminum with an electrically welded framework of steel. Aluminum provides the best heat conduction available, transferring heat directly from the heating elements to your mold. A high power heating system provides quick recovery of lost heat when a chase or mold is inserted between the platens. The heating elements are spread across the entire platen surface for even heat distribution and elimination of "hot spots" that can cause overcuring or undercuring of portions of the mold.

The high intensity hydraulic pressure system creates ample pressure for molding pre-inked gels, matrix boards or gum rubber along with other industrial products. Manual and motorized options are offered. The built-in hydraulic pressure gauge allows the operator to apply consistent pressure to the mold cycle after cycle. The microprocessor controlled timer provides extremely accurate cycle timing and a large LED display so that the operator can anticipate the end of the cycle. On motorized machines, the timer can be set to automatically drop the lower platen at the end of the curing cycle.

The majority of the weight of a Sure-Temp Press is in the heavy gauge steel framework and steel reinforced platens. A sturdy four post construction assures years of structural stability. The highly polished stainless steel cabinet is lightweight, rigid and easily cleaned.The Work Light provides up to 100 watts of illumination throughout the working area.

Sure-Temp Presses can be built for operation on standard 60 Hz. North American electrical power or 50 Hz. power for export. The temperature control units can be calibrated to register your choice of degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.  One-year limited warranty.

Motorized Model 1524

The Model 1524 Sure-Temp Press is an affordable vulcanizer for growing stamp shops that need extra capacity and increased employee efficiency!  The motorized hydraulic systems raises the lower platen without the need for hand-pumping or compressed air.  The lower platen can be set to drop automatically at the end of the curing cycle. Maximum sustained temperature is 400F/200C. Shipped complete with work light and steel supporting stand.  15" x 24" platen size, 13" x 22" maximum molding area.


Motorized Model 1515

Plenty of pressure for molding up to 13 x 13" standard or deep etch dies.  Work light is included, steel supporting stand is optional.  15" x 15" platen size, 13" x 13" maximum molding area.


Motorized Model 1015

Model 1015 machines are available with your choice of 14-ton or 22-ton ram force. If molding standard etch rubber or pre-inked gel, select the 14-ton pump. For deep etch matrix or rubber, or images with bold designs requiring substantial rubber flow select the 22-ton pump.  Work light is included, steel supporting stand is optional.  10" x 15" platen size, 9" x 13" maximum molding area.

Manual Model 1515

A rugged and heavy-duty production machine built for serious stampmakers!  20-ton hydraulic pump.  15" x 15" platen size, 13" x 13" maximum molding area.

Manual Model 1015

Similar in design and function to the Model 1515 above.  Includes 20-ton hydraulics for deep etch and designs with bold images.  10" x 15" platen size, 9" x 13" maximum molding area.

Manual Model 912

Designed for the medium to small-volume stamp maker.  12-ton hydraulic system for pre-inked gel or deep etch matrix and rubber.  9" x 12" platen size, 8" x 10" maximum molding area.

Shipping Charges

Sure-Temp Presses must be shipped by motor freight.  Our system will not automatically calculate the cost.  We will advise the cost of freight accordingly.

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