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SETS Spray Enhanced Toner System

: From $15.50 to $124.00

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Laser print your stamp layout on our special SETS Paper, then overcoat it with our SETS Spray.  In your print settings “invert” the image so the background prints in black and the actual images remain clear.  A minimum of 600 dpi resolution is recommended.  It may be necessary to use “photo” or other printer settings to lay down enough toner for the system to work properly.  Cannot be used with inkjet printers.
This new system REQUIRES the use of SETS paper.  It will not work with any other type of paper or vellum.  Also, there is no guarantee that it will work with all laser printers as the amount of toner dispensed will vary by machine.  If you would like to conduct a test - we’ll gladly send a few sheets of SETS paper to you for printing.  Print and send them back to us for treatment with spray and we’ll analyze the results.
SETS Spray is provided in a 12 oz. aerosol can which should treat about 50 sheets of SETS Paper.
Processing Instructions:
1. Use only SETS Paper with the toner enhancing spray.  It has a special surface designed to work consistently with the toner enhancer.
2. Print text/artwork on the paper – right reading up.  Text should be 'white' with a black background (print in “invert” mode).  A minimum 600 dpi is recommended.  It may be beneficial to set your printer to “photo” mode to get higher toner density.
3. Holding the Toner Enhancing Spray can, spray from 6 – 8 inches away onto the toner side of the paper.  Apply an even coat across the image and background areas. A minimum of two thin coats is recommended.  Use in a well ventilated area and avoid breathing mist.
4. The laser toner spray will interact with the paper to make it darker and sharpen the contrast between toner (black) and non-toner areas.
5. Hold the paper to a light source.  Check for any areas that have been missed with the spray (not completely darkened).  Apply an additional spray to those areas lacking toner enhancer.
6. The toner enhancer spray will dry within 2 minutes.
7. The dry paper “negative” is ready for use.
•    If you have a Daylight Safe Negative System washout plate, use it as a rigid surface to hold the paper in place as you spray.
•    Do not use refilled or remanufactured toner cartridges in your printer as toner density will likely be less consistent than with an EOM cartridge.
•    If you have a 4-color laser printer with black, yellow, magenta and cyan toner cartridges try printing the SETS Paper using the “color” setting rather than the “black” setting.  The printer will put down 4 layers of toner which may result in better density.

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