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Self-Adhesive & Plain Sponge Cushion

: From $9.80 to $34.00

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Save time and eliminate the use of cements with our Self-Adhesive Cushion. This black PVC material is just resilient enough for good impressions every time. Not too hard and not too soft! The super sticky adhesive is applied to both sides and covered with waxed paper. Remove the waxed paper to adhere your stamp die to one side, then trim with a die cutter or cutting shears. Adhere the other side directly to your wood, plastic or acrylic mount. 1/16" or 1/8" thickness.  Must ship flat, cannot be rolled.  Sheet sizes are 12" x 18", 18" x 18" and 18" x 36" (note that 18" x 18" and 18" x 36" will ship at a higher FedEx or UPS "oversize" rate).

We offer two versions with different appearance and price points.  Requires use of Rubber Cement to attach the rubber die to the cushion and contact cement (available at most hardware stores) to attach the cushion to the mount.  1/8" thickness for the right amount of resiliency required for stamp die mounting.  Supplied in your choice of 12x18", 18"x18" and 18x36" sheets.  Can be rolled for shipping cost savings.

BLACK is the classic sponge cushion used extensively throughout the art stamp industry. It is carefully manufactured to assure quality of materials and has a surface textured for cementing rubber dies. Made of real rubber. 

RED is lighter weight with smooth surfaces.  Rubber and EVA foam composite.  Looks like and has the properties of rubber but at a lower cost.

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