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Jackson Marking Products BBB Business Review

The Stampcreator Pro System and AMPC go back a long way...
 When the original SC-2000 was introduced in the late 1990’s, Jackson Marking Products brought it to the association and many stores adopted it immediately (at a cost of $2,500+).  Others decided to wait a while and see how this new thing was going to work out.  If you’re still waiting, just listen to what some of your friends in the industry say you’ve been missing ...
Our experiences with Stampcreator Pro has been nothing but positive. Our customers are always amazed that we can make their stamp while they wait.  Even if we are out of stock, or they would like a specific color stamp, it never takes long to get our shipment in and we are able to turn around their stamp in minimal time. We have had repeat customers for different signature stamps for their business, some businesses come in each year to get an updated stamp with a specific date on it, and notary stamps are also popular. It's a great addition to our store.
Kim Conboy, Mailboxes & Parcel Depot, Rockford IL
Ten years ago we purchased a StampCreator Pro from you after seeing it at an AMPC convention, I don't think any other piece of electronics I purchased ten years ago is still functioning let alone still earning us money.   From day one our sales in rubber stamps soared. Not only has it increased our rubber stamp sales but also the associated sales in engraved signs, name tags and other product that we sell alongside rubber stamps. One of our top selling stamps is the signature stamp, with an additional $10.00 in fees to scan and work the signature its nothing but a profit maker.
On top of the machine that just won't quit, I have to say that Jackson Marking support of their products and supplies are top rated. We noticed on your site that we can get more marketing materials that included the counter top display (what a great piece of advertising). We are constantly making stamps for our local businesses, once they learn we can make them on the spot they just order more and more.
One of best features of this system is being able to make the stamp while they wait. We gain more sales simply by saying would you like to wait a few minutes for it or come back in a little while. Most customers we have found simply want someone to say “yes we can”.
 With the minimal amount of space this unit takes, the time it takes to make the average stamp,  this machine should be in every MPC. I know our sales could easily be doubled with even a little bit of effort from the staff to promote them to the customers. StampCreator Pro is an easy way to add thousands to the stores bottom line.
Jeff Ballantyne, Parcel Room, Portsmouth NH
I first purchased the Brother Stampcreator Pro over 11 years ago. This machine still works as good today as it did when I first bought it. I can make a self inking rubber stamp in less time than it takes for me to order one from my supplier and I don't pay any shipping or handling charges. The stamp costs me less then what my supplier charges and the customer walks out with it instead of having to “comeback”. The system is versatile and easy to use; I have only needed to do a few basic maintenance repairs on the Stampcreator since I bought it. It may be one of the oldest pieces of equipment I have in my store, outlasting my copier, phones, fax machines, computers, etc. The best part about these stamps is that they seem to last forever, I have never had a complaint from a customer in all these years.  This purchase continues to be one of my best investments.
Larry Kaplan, Mail Mart USA, Miami, FL