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PolySonic Ultrasonic Washout Units

: From $980.00 to $1,845.00

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PolySonic Washout Units:
The PolySonic Washout Unit is an adaptation of an established technology used for industrial cleaning applications. Units are offered in two sizes and can be used for liquid photopolymer plates, 40 durometer or above. Model 100 will wash a liquid plate measuring up to 4-1/2" x 6" (ImagePac A6 or A7) and Model 200 will wash an 8-1/2" x 12" plate (ImagePac A4 or A5).

Ultrasonic cleaning works through the rapid release of a succession of shock waves through a water and detergent bath (the same detergent that is used for hand or mechanical washing of photopolymer plates). These waves produce alternating compressions causing a process called "cavitation," which jars unexposed photopolymer from the plate. Some of the benefits of this process include:

* Speed -- the ultrasonic cleaning-process is fast!
* Non-abrasive -- there are no brushes that come into contact with the photopolymer plate.
* Exceptional cleaning -- every bit of unexposed material is removed, even in the center of the smallest characters.
* Durable -- there are no moving parts to wear out or brush pads to replace.

Preparation for ultrasonic cleaning requires mixing the washout solution. The tank is filled with ordinary tap water and detergent. The desired heat level is set and the ultrasonic action is started for mixing the detergent into the water. After a few minutes the machine is ready to begin cleaning polymer plates.

Following the degassing cycle, the polymer plate is immersed in the solution. The timer is then set and the cleaning process is completed in minutes. The same solution-mixture can be used repeatedly. The exact number of washing cycles obtained before any remixing is required depends on the size of the plates being washed and the length of time between washing cycles. When remixing becomes necessary, simply drain the used solution into a sink with the included tank drain-hose assembly.

The PolySonic Washout Units are built with stainless steel components and feature a durable analog washing-cycle timer and temperature controller. The unit includes a stainless steel immersion-basket and a one-year limited warranty, and is available for operation on 110-120 volt, 60 Hz. or 220-240 volt, 50 Hz power (for export).

Additional Information

Click here for a description on negative film and polymer processing

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