Quick Drying Ink that does NOT dry on the pad!

Mark II Stamping System

THE FIRST QUICK DRYING INK THAT DOESN'T DRY ON THE PAD! The Mark II Pad is the first stamp pad that can be inked with fast-drying ink and stay moist for months -- in the pad and in use! The pad is housed in an air-tight plastic container with two hinged covers -- one on top and one on the bottom so the pad is reversible. When not in use the construction of the pad prevents evaporation of the ink. In use one side always remains closed. When the side in use begins to dry out, the pad is simply turned over and the second side is ready to use. And while the second side is being used, the first side rejuvenates itself and is ready when you need it. The Mark II measures 3 3/4" x 5" overall and has two 2 1/2" x 4" inking surfaces. Mark II Pads are pre-inked with 3 oz. of our special Photomark Ink which dries in seconds on any non-porous surface without smearing or running. Pad and ink colors are black, red, blue, green, purple or brown. Mark II Pads are also available uninked. Photomark Ink can be used with uninked Felt or Industrial Stamp Pads, but it will dry quickly on those pad surfaces. Photomark Reactivator is used for thinning the ink on the pad surface. Alternate pad reinking with applications of Reactivator to keep the ink free-flowing from side to side. Ink and Reactivator are packaged in plastic applicator tip bottles (no applicator on gallon container). Order the Mark II Kit in your choice of ink color and get a Mark II Pad, 4 oz. of Ink and 4 oz. of Reactivator.

Price: $28.50
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